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Dr. Ndemie Mends Price MD


Dr. Ndemie Mends Price was born and raised in Miami, FL and it is here where her love for the field of Medicine began. She would visit her mother who was an R.N. at Jackson Memorial Hospital and admire the “people in white coats”, hoping to one day walk those same halls. This admiration propelled her to excel academically, graduating from High School in the top 10 of her class and receiving the Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction.   She then went on to Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL to receive her Bachelor of Science in Child Development.   Longing for a change of scenery, she travelled to Washington, DC to attend Howard University College of Medicine where she received her Medical Doctorate degree in 2008.

Growing up, Dr. Price always had a passion for helping children.   She found time while still at Medical School to work with Middle and High School children during her summers off.   She worked as a Youth Leader with the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference and National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine.   The experiences she gained were priceless.

After being in the nation’s capital for 4 years and missing home, she decided to return to Miami. She finished her Pediatric Residency at the Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami program where she, in fact, did walk the same halls she envisioned walking when she was a child – in her own “white coat”.   Residency completed, Dr. Price worked in various community Health Centers throughout Miami Dade County, a community she knows and loves.   “Children,” she says, “deserve the utmost care and I hope to provide them with that care for as long as I can.”   She is currently the pediatrician at the Coconut Grove Health Center and South Miami Health Center with Community Health of South Florida.   Dr. Price is also a Board Certified member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, son, daughter, family, singing in her church choir and dancing.  In addition, she is  an avid volleyball player.

Leisis Stevenson, R.N.

Leisis Stevenson began working in healthcare as a radiological assistant within the Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) on a part-time basis in 2002.   Her passion for helping others and enthusiasm to learn medicine was so evident then that physicians would invite her to observe radiological and catheter procedures.   MHS gave her a full scholarship to study Nursing at Broward College and after completing her studies in 2008, she returned to Memorial to work on the ICU step down unit.  There she learned to manage the complex patient having multiple disease processes that exacerbated underlying cardiac diseases.

Moving on to VITAS Innovative Hospice, Leisis helped hundreds of patients and families prepare, cope and transition to end of life – a job that can only be done effectively with compassion, empathy and love .   As an inpatient team nurse, she received individual and team awards for exceptional service before being promoted after just 9 months.

Following a very difficult time for her family, Leisis worked contract jobs with various private parties including “Baby House”.   There she worked with patients having congenital or acquired multisystem disease, severe neurological conditions with marked functional impairment, and/or technological dependency for activities of daily living.   She managed a variety of medically fragile patients in the home-setting. becoming the liaison between patient, family, and healthcare team throughout multiple hospital stays, procedures, treatments and rehabilitation.   It was during this time that she first worked with patients preparing for, receiving and completing Stem Cell Transplant.

It was also at this time that she met Dr. Robert Kidd and was exposed to the Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) setting with its focus on better practice and a higher minimum standard of care.   This focus she shares with Dr. Kidd and his team.  Together, they aim to deliver consistently kind and dedicated care with integrity and honesty to the children and families who come to GTG Care PPEC so that they may have joyful experiences during their treatment and care.


Barbara Goodman

Barbara Goodman is the Assistant Administrator for GTG Care PPEC.   She comes to us with a background in Airline Management where she carried out various responsibilities – running operations, staff development, sales and marketing and delivering quality service to the public.

After having a daughter with special needs, she became immersed in the world of similarly challenged children.   Seeking the best special-needs schools and therapy programs has been her focus and mission for the past two decades.   Barbara looks forward to working with all the fine professionals at GTG Care PPEC and is thrilled to offer this first-class PPEC to these very special children and their families.

Dr. Robert Kidd (DPT, MBA)

Robert is the Administrator for GTG Care PPEC.

An outstanding athlete in his early years, he served as Coach for sport activities and Counsellor at several Youth Camps.   It was not surprising then that he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management/Leadership from the University of North Florida (UNF) where he graduated “summa cum laude”.  While at UNF too, he had the added distinction of being selected by the Student Government Scholarship Committee to receive the 2005/2006 College of Education’s award for his outstanding academic achievement – inter alia.

Graduate studies took him to the Doctorate Physical Therapy program at Florida International University (FIU) where, on one of his clinical rotations, he found his “calling” – Pediatric Physical Therapy.   Upon completing his Doctorate in 2009, he went directly into the world of work as a Pediatric Therapist.

While still on the job, he completed an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Keiser University with a goal of opening a Pediatric Staffing company.   This goal was realised in 2013 when he launched “The Kidd Choice Therapy Inc.”.   His next venture was to establish his own PPEC facility, focusing on improving all-round care for children with involved diagnoses and honouring God in every aspect of its existence – whether through the medical care it provides or the culture and values that are projected.   His desire is that GTG Care PPEC be known not only as a God-honoring facility, but as one that is synonymous with the best medical care in the city of Miami.